Friday, May 27, 2011

Storm Watching

The weather in the Midwest has been crazy scary lately -Tornadoes, flooding, damaging winds and thunder - all keeping us glued to the weather channel or local news late into the evening a couple of nights recently. Between our local meteorologist and the national weather service we've been kept "in the know" and are safe and sound.

I was thinking of some of our friends from previous ministries and current ones that have experienced some "storms" lately...2 family friends experienced the horrific tornadoes and reside in Joplin, MO, 1 other family had a house fire and lost all their earthy possessions, countless numbers of people are experiencing the tough economic challenges....seems like everyday the storms keep coming.

But just like the expertise of a weather meteorologist God doesn't leave us to weather the storms alone. He's given us His Word to navigate during bad weather. The Bible gives us prime, experienced examples of people who have walked through the storms of life and come out stronger, better, faithful. Think about Job, Daniel, Paul, Rahab and others, who when facing a storm put their faith to the test and experienced that peace that passes all earthly understanding....embracing in the dark, what they knew to be true in the light.

It's just a matter of time before any of us encounter our next storm, Christ the ultimate Storm Tracker this world we will have trouble. (And of course we know he experienced that trouble first hand.....)Thankfully he also is the One who has overcome the world.

Praying and praising with friends through this storm.....

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