Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Rain

Dust covered, spiderwebby, dirt laden, grime covered. That about sums up the vibe my porch and backyard were giving off this afternoon before the gentle fall of spring rain. There's something about that gentle pitter patter of continuous rain that washes the earth of it's oldness and rinses the filth from nature. It leaves everything feeling fresh, more alive, vibrant, greener, cleaner, nourished.

Ever feel like you need your own personal spring rain....a couple of hours of uninterrupted washing away of the world's grime? Where forgiveness and grace and mercy and healing and nourishment can do their work and you can sit and soak every last drop of it in? Where you walk away feeling vibrant, healthier, more alive than before?

I think this must be what the God must have had in mind when the Psalmist penned...

Psalms 72:6 He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth.

This watering from heaven to earth ...or from God to us is exactly what we need after days filled with drought. When our own spiritual grime is so thick that it takes more than a quick squirt of the water hose to get cleaned. When our thoughts don't match His, when our mind is not His, when our hands and feet are not His. We need this washing....this cleansing that comes from sitting in a spring rain...soaking in His goodness, His presence and His forgiveness. 

This cleansing rain helps us grow. Just like the flowers and gardens and trees will flourish after a spring rain, so does our own walk with Christ. The fresh feeling the earth has after rain is mirrored in my own life after I've sat with the Lord and soaked in some of His goodness. What a generous God we have that He would have enough for all of us and that in the middle of any personal drought He can bring the spring rain to provide refreshment, healing, nourishment and fresh growth.

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