Tuesday, May 3, 2011


From the moment I realized I was pregnant with Savannah I have prayed that she would know Jesus at an early age. I'm not talking about every once in a while I would shoot a prayer skyward and think it would nice....I'm talking about a fervent prayer. When she was 4 she began asking questions. 

"Why did Jesus die on the cross?"
"Why were people so mean to Him?"
"What is sin?"
"Am I a sinner?"

I even remember getting very nervous one time thinking "She's too young, she couldn't possibly be ready to know Him." Yes...I know....wasn't that what I was praying for??? But I found myself almost talking her out of salvation instead of explaining this wonderful gift of God to the world. I struggled with the reality of her being able to in any sort of way really understand what Christ had done for her. 

One night in late August just days before her 5th birthday she cornered Bruce and I and said, "I'm ready to be saved." We asked her a few questions and after she gave a full dissertation realized that she was ready. She didn't repeat a parent led prayer, instead, she said her own version of some sort of sinner's plea for God to forgive her, make her clean and let her live in heaven when she died. It was the most beautiful prayer I will ever hear. 

That prayer of any lost soul coming to Jesus for the first time is sweet, but when it is your own child reaching out, accepting, believing, confessing....that is something that will be ingrained in my heart forever. I completely understand how all heaven must rejoice when someone comes to know Christ. It's amazing. And having recently experienced the spiritual battle that goes on when Satan feels the sting of loss or the elation of some temporal earthly victory, it is fresh on my mind how truly spiritual this salvation experience is.

So...now, over three years later Savannah got baptized last Sunday. Dad got to do the honors. And yes, I know that her knowing Christ doesn't stop at salvation or baptism, in fact, it's really only the beginning. My prayer continues to be that she will grow to know Him more and more and more....to be a lifetime learner of Him....to keep her eyes fixed on Him. 

Thank you Lord, for answered prayers!

Buried with Him in baptism...

Raised to walk in newness of life.

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Kathy said...

What a beautiful story, Gina. I join you in praying for her continued growth in Christ, her knowledge and love of Him.