Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quiet Hour

Because life is busy and loud and crazy I take a quiet hour. 

During the school year I don't know how I would make it if I didn't take a quiet hour. Usually this happens between 2-3pm, after lunch is eaten and a load of laundry started and kids are settled. I set the timer on the stove and announce...."it's quiet hour." By now the kids know what this TV or electronics or any kind and no bothering mom unless someone is bleeding. Usually they grab a book to read, the play dough, the Lego's, a game or something else that makes little to no noise and they play together ....quietly.

I've decided that even though I'm not working this summer that we will still observe quiet hour at some point every day. This will help keep me on speaking terms with my children....because as much as I love them.... I need silence for 60 minutes a day....silence that involves not worrying that they are tearing the house down or catching something one fire. I need to recharge my battery, clear my mind, blog, read a book or shut my eyes....or heaven to a friend on the phone or go to the bathroom uninterrupted!!!  

Today there wasn't even a whine when I said it was time for quiet hour 

could it be because of this????

Yes...they were busy doing hard things this morning with me out in the yard. Thanks Kids!

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