Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sing Off

Did you catch Sing Off on NBC during the month of December? I didn't, but in a stroke of good luck I accidentally hit the ON DEMAND button on our remote control and saw that it was a guess what we've been doing? Yep....I've watched all four episodes.

Here's the premise of the show in case you missed it: Judges searched high and low across the US and Puerto Rico for acapella groups to compete in a vocal only contest. 8 groups began in the competition and over the course of 4 nights groups were eliminated and in the end one group finished as the champions. I was hooked from the first song.

This wasn't your typical church acapella song. The harmonies were so beautifully tangled with the melody. Each group had an obvious strong soloist but they never stole the spotlight. It was a complete team effort. Voices made up each part of the invisible band. Percussion, brass and strings could be heard but not seen. The voices were the instruments.

The amount of talent was unbelievable. Yet...alone, I am not so sure any of these people would be asked or contracted to make their own CD, but together with the other voices, any one of these groups would have been worthy.

Here's a link to The Sing Off where you can watch some of the videos.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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