Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ordered Steps

Psalm 119:133

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

This year I want a few different things for my family. I've mentioned these in other posts and you are already probably bored out of your mind that I am even mentioning them again, but for me, repetition will be what starts a habit and habits become lifestyles. 

One thing I am hoping to establish is a more orderly house. I used to want an orderly house so that if anyone dropped in during the day, I wouldn't be embarrassed. Then I wanted an orderly house because that's what stay at home moms did...cleaned house. But, really the reason I want an orderly house is because "I" do better when things are picked up. I am less fussy, less irritable, more fun, more creative, happier, less moody. I am a better me. 

I've found the things that distract me from being an orderly housekeeper aren't bad things....work, kids, husband, church, reading, blogging, crafting, me. But if I let these things take the lead then I usually can't give my best to God in other areas He allows me to serve. 

I will never be my mom when it comes to housekeeping. She was wonderful. Towels all faced the same way in the linen closet, baseboards were cleaned regularly, you could open the kitchen drawers and find something with ease, you could eat off the floor. However, I am making some strides. I've enlisted the kids too. We made Family Chore Charts and everyone gets a chart....yes, you can imagine Bruce's delight to find his waiting on him this morning. The kids get a sticker (ok, Bruce gets one too) for every chore completed. At the end of the month they get to go have a blizzard at DQ if they've been diligent. 

I am also organizing some things to make life more manageable. I am keeping a Day Planner for the first time in years. This will help us not get too busy. I'm tracking our bills there and keeping unpaid ones right there so I can see due dates easily. I'm also keeping track of b-days and anniversary dates for our family there.

Anyway, this first Monday of January went pretty well. I'm looking forward to this little headway toward a more disciplined, ordered life...the one I believe God is calling my little nest to follow.


Kathy said...

We're doing some similar things, Gina, even in our homeschooling planning as well. I was so bummed yesterday when my body decided to accept a winter cold. Plans delayed! Because discipline is a heart issue I know it's an area the Lord wants to work on.

Heart2Heart said...


Give yourself a hearty pat on the back for starting off January on a great note. Remember it takes 21 days of doing something to make it part of your routine and can't wait to see just how much easier your life becomes just by taking these simple steps.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat