Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Days...

It's been an insane couple of weeks. It seems like every time I turned around we were out the door for something. When I looked at my planner last week I noticed we didn't have anything scheduled for this weekend and I knew I could make it!

The first thing I did was clean my house on Friday morning. There is nothing better than looking at a clean house, freshly vacuumed carpets, empty laundry baskets and a shiny least for me. We already had dinner guests lined up and a great friend who had offered to watch my kids for the evening. Before the night was over she had welcomed my daughter to stay overnight. What a nice treat for Savannah and us!

A relaxed dinner with friends and games to follow encouraged lots of laughter and fun. After the kitchen was tidy and Tucker was tucked away, I vegged in front of my long lost HGTV- dreaming of spring planting, composting and canning.

Saturday morning Tucker and I snuggled on the couch til Bruce and Savannah came home. We ate leftover taco salad for lunch and the kids played wii almost all afternoon while Bruce and I read and looked at magazines. He and the kids did run up to the school to watch a friend play basketball, but I opted for a chick flick on the couch...and I confess...a little snooze!

After a wii tournament and a little Incredibles the kids headed off to bed and Bruce and I watched a movie. It was truly the quietest weekend we've had in months. I don't dislike our busy schedule, but I do enjoy it when, as a family, we can have a quiet day at home, with nothing pressing calling our names. There's no place like home.

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