Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boys and Underwear

When Tucker was potty training we let him run around in his underwear so that he could easily learn to go to the bathroom. That was a year ago. Then why, oh why, does he still insist on stripping his clothes off and running around in his underwear as soon as he enters the house?

Today I have dressed him 3 times in the same set of clothes. He disappears for a few moments and then, he reappears....yep, in his underwear. He tells me " It's more comfy, mom" ....oh boy!

I have been trying to get a cute picture of him playing his drums that he got for Christmas....but I can't...because yep, he's always in just his underwear.

Any tips for getting this 4 year old to keep his clothes on?
Is this normal? Is my boy going to need therapy? Will I?


Red Writing said...

No tips here. Let me know if you figure this out. I gaave up and just take pics of him in the underwear. oops.

Kathy said...

Oh that is funny. I have NO advice. My son at 7 does not want anyone to see him in his briefs-no way, Jose!

Jamie said...

haha, sorry to laugh, but it just sounds too cute. My daughter Joey did that for awhile, but she finally outgrew it.. thank goodness!