Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 things you can do to help a hurting friend

Lately, I've watched several friends go through some pretty "bad" circumstances. We all have times that we feel like we can't handle one more thing...and the truth is, that's exactly where God wants us all the time. TOTALLY dependent on HIM. I want to help. I want to do something that will ease their pain. I want to help shoulder the burden with them.

Here are a few things that might help a friend going through a rough spot:

1. Listen (no brainer here)
2. Distract them - take them shopping, go for a walk, have a game night
3. Take care of their kids
4. Help clean their house
5. Take a meal to them
6. Buy a gift certificate for a mani-pedi
7. Pray with them and for them
8. Don't forget about them after a few days
9. Offer to run errands for them
10. Provide godly counsel...or find someone who can.

How has someone ministered to you through a rough time? What did they do?

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Kathy said...

They laughed with me. We found joy together in the midst of true crisis. I'll never forget the crisis, but better than that, I'll never forget the sound of the joy we found as we journeyed faithfully together. I love your list. It's great!