Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This week started with attending the funeral of a godly grandmother of one of the ladies in our church. Monday I sat and listened as this  godly grandmother was memorialized. What a blessing to hear of someone who honored the Lord with her life. What a comfort to her family!

There was more cleaning out...overhauling...mopping...sweeping...scrubbing as I managed to finish deep cleaning the house. There are a few remaining piles to go through and several tiny jobs still to be done but for the most part, there's not an inch of the house that hasn't had a good cleaning.

I have a slight addiction to sharpie markers...please don't judge

In the cleaning out, Tucker and I came across his coveralls from just 2 years ago....

Is he allowed to grow this much in just 18 months?
I also had a little time to start this little Thom Ranier, President of Lifeway. So far, it's the best explanation and teaching book on church membership. He delves into all the uncomfortable churchy issues with biblical perspective. I'm loving it so far.

These girls twisted my arm and made me take them to Dairy Queen before church Wednesday Night

Lizzie and Savannah....Can I freeze time here too???

And...last but not least....friends are getting married today...Love is in the air...

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Kathy said...

Sometimes random is just excellent! I am a slight shade of jealous over your cleaned house! How wonderful!