Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Things...that make my day

I am generally a positive person. Generally. But every now-n-then, just like you, life stumps me, trips me up and instead of looking up, I get down. However, there are a few things that can put a smile on my face pretty quickly...

1. Hearing my kids use good manners. I like this. A lot. I like to hear them being polite and grateful and respectful. Especially when they do it on their own.

2. A Diet Coke from Diary Queen....with their ice...out of the fountain. I would buy one of those machines (ice and fountain) for my house if I had room. Maybe.

3. A new magazine in the mail. Southern Living, Better Homes, Taste of Home...and in a pinch, I'll rate some catalogs as good as a magazine...YWAM, CBD, Country Door.

4. Hearing a favorite artist on the radio....JJ Heller, Jimmy Needham, Merideth Andrews

5. Listening to the testimony of God working in someone's life.

6. Hearing from our missionaries.

7. A new sharpie pen....slight addiction...

8. An empty laundry basket....rarely happens...but when it does we observe a moment of silence.

9. The jingle of keys in the door that signals Bruce is home from work.

10. Time with my church family....truly some of the greatest people on earth!

What makes your day?

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