Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Favor

I'm notorious for under-emphasizing the favor of God on my life. I think if we're honest, most of us are that way. I know I would certainly complain less and throw fewer pity parties if I would just think about how God's favor, His grace and His blessings are all around me.

Now before you think I am going all Pollyanna/Mary Poppins on you, let me assure you...I'm very aware of struggles, hurts, grief. But it seems like we can spend an enormous part of our lives wrapped up in "ME" that we miss the God stuff that happens.

Recently, God's been showing off. We've needed a new(er) car for about a year now. One of ours had 182,000 miles and the other 120,000 and neither has been exceptionally road worthy lately. We had saved some money for a down payment, knew we could get something for our trade in (albeit a small amount of something) and just figured we would buy a midsized car or a small SUV...but what we really needed was something that we could fit at least 6 passengers in. Well, lo and behold what landed in our laps was a two year old large SUV with bells and whistles and more stuff than I've ever seen....and did I mention we got way more than our trade in should have brought in...and that the price was exactly where we were comfortable. And it's beautiful...truly. In much so that I caught myself apologizing...almost embarrassed by the blessing. (Wouldn't the enemy just LOVE that?)

And did I mention, as we were pulling off the lot, I was crying. Bruce looked over at me ...bewildered ('cause that's how I like to keep him :) and said, "What?" I just shook my head and said, "I just can't believe how good God is to us...over and over and over." See, HIS favor gives us things we don't always ask safety features, and electric and USB plugs, and heated AND cooled seats and other stuff that I don't really NEED but sure are nice to have. His favor gives us extras....extra features on a car, extra patience when dealing with children, extra grace when we mess up, extra money at the end of the month. His favor is unlimited and undeserved.

So the next time I'm tempted to dwell on myself and my disappointments, I'm going to work a little harder to remember HIS favor, HIS blessings, HIS extras that make knowing HIM the biggest blessing of all and I'm going to remind myself that the only one who gets the glory when I don't acknowledge the favor of God is the enemy...and seriously...what woman of God wants that?

Tomorrow...I will talk a bit more on I said, He's been showing off.

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