Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday's Reading

Hopefully you're able to enjoy this Lord's Day basking in His goodness. Here are a few of my favorite links this week...articles and music that spoke to me. Maybe you'll have time today to take a look.

1. I Know Who You Are - JJ Heller writes songs about real life and Jesus. This is a song is powerful for anyone...but especially someone who is going through a time of faith testing.

2. Memorial Day Activities you can do with your Kids...via The Pioneer Woman

3. Audio Spanish Lessons...for FREE!! I think I will use these with my kids in the fall. They also have French Lessons.

4. Religion and the Oklahoma tornadoes ...a little warning...there is a little course language that I wish wasn't there...but it's a good article otherwise...and one that my heart resonates with.

5. Article about Teaching our kids to serve others... and fight the feeling of entitlement. HERE

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