Saturday, May 4, 2013

Going to the Chapel

Late last week we made the quickest of trips to GA to see my sister get married and to help with the festivities. Here's a sneak peak into our adventures.

We left Texas at 12:30pm on Wednesday and drove straight through to Georgia. We arrived at 2am. We had called ahead to see if we could get our room early at the Inn we were staying at for the wedding. We weren't sure if we would drive all night but if we could we wanted to be able to get in our room. We had read on the Inn website that they don't man their office 24/7 so if you're coming in after hours they needed to know in advance so they could...leave a light on for us ...or in this case, leave the key in an envelope, with our name on it,  taped to the office door!!! I guess they are pretty trusting!

The next day we had a few hours to spare so we went to one of Georgia's best attractions, Callaway Gardens. We went to a bird show, the butterfly atrium, the vegetable gardens and drove around the gardens to see all the things we hope to come back to do at a later date. It was beautiful.

We met back at the pool at the inn, where my sister and soon to be groom, Genay, were. As we were pulling in we saw my brother, mom and step dad checking in. Soon the entire family was dipping their feet in the cool pool water....and my own two fishes were all the way in, sword fighting with the pool noodles. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and came back to the officiant's cabin to get instructions for the next morning. Headed back to the inn for showers and hit the hay.

The weather could not have been more gorgeous for the wedding...the bride was stunning..and my own two kids were pretty darn cute. Savannah was the junior bridesmaid and Tucker was the ring bearer. I played the piano, Bruce did the video, my niece was the flower girl ...truly a family affair.

After the short ceremony my mom had prepared a scrumptious lunch for everyone. We shared a meal with the rest of the guests and the married couple and packed up so the couple could have some privacy..which I don't really think they got until they made it home the next day...but still.

We enjoyed the next 48 hours with the rest of the family and headed back home via Duck Commander in Monroe, Louisiana. No sighting of the beards, but had fun snooping around.

Waiting on official bridal pics before I post pictures of the bride. She was beautiful...and the groom was handsome too! Wishing them the best as they begin their new life as one.

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