Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

Over the last six months I've poured over homeschool curriculum, wanting to make the best choices for the kind of learners my kids are. What I've learned is that if you want to homeschool, there's a curriculum for you! It's overwhelming and a little daunting, but in the end, I feel like we've made some good choices for our 2013-2014 school year.

Tucker and Savannah will both be using Kay Arthur's Inductive Bible Study Series for Children. We will be doing six, six week workbooks. Check them out HERE.

They will also be doing US and World Geography using Youth with a Mission (YWAM) curriculum.
You can take a look at their WEBSITE . They also have hundreds of biographies of Christian historical figures and religious heroes. It's an impressive collection. Both kids will be reading missionary biographies from this site.

Savannah will be using Alpha and Omega's Horizons Math again. We have found that this is a challenging curriculum and although I strongly considered changing to Math U See, I decided to keep her in something familiar.

Tucker will also be using Horizon's Math. He's done ABeka since PreK and I think this will be a pretty good transition for him.

For Language Arts, Savannah will be using Alpha and Omega's LifePACs. Of all the decisions I've made this is the one I'm most apprehensive about...so, I only ordered the first 4, to get us to Christmas and if it's not a good fit, I won't feel too guilty, since they aren't that expensive.

Tucker will be doing the Horizons Penmanship, which will introduce cursive during the second half of the year. He will also be doing the Horizons Reading and Phonics program, along with the phonics special sounds he has learned through his years doing ABeka.

I'm still searching for a science curriculum. The kids want to study Oceanography, so I'm looking for something along those lines, with a Biblical worldview. Suggestions? Leave a comment, please!

Along with the missionary biographies, Savannah will be reading the 10 book, Reel Kid's Adventure Series . These are books about young people who take the gospel to the ends of the earth. On their adventures Savannah will learn about people groups, geography and a broader worldview. She will also read Anne of Green Gables, The Brian Series by Gary Paulsen and anything else she can get her hands on! Tucker will be reading the TIME LIFE Children's Adventure books, The Happy Hollisters (yes, we are kickin' it old school) and the Ready Freddy series.

 We're planning on doing some cooking, library trips, field trips with friends, art and maybe some sort of cooking or baking class - plus keep up with piano and taekwondo.

Now, deep breath and enjoy the summer!

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