Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Thank You Note


Thanks for answering my prayer to be a mother, for opening my womb when doctors said the opposite.

Thanks for all the moments of complete joy you give me through my children and for the moments that you bring me to my knees because of their flaws, my flaws and the disastrous combination those flaws bring.

Thank you for the quiet moments, snuggling, reading, watching, learning...and for the loud roar of laughter, cheers, games and excitement.

For the tiny moments you let me peak into what you're doing in their lives...their souls...thank you.

For the many things you've taught me through them...thank you.

For fevers and chills and bumps and bruises. Thank you.

For nights spent waiting up, nursing a sick stomach, sharing heart to hearts. Thank you.

Because in these moments you've met with me. You've given me a glimpse into Your heart for your children. You've parented me...taught me, guided me, shepherded my heart. And all those things I've needed so I could be more like you. Thank you..thank you..thank you.

Because without you...your hand of grace guiding me, this task would overtake me. And while, daily, I feel overwhelmed, inadequate, messy and challenged, you've got this parenting job down and I'm learning that is all that really knowing the master parent.

Thank. You.

Really...Thank. You. This daughter thanks you.