Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random Reactions from the Rugrats

A couple of really random things have happened that I want to be sure I document before I forget.

#1- Savannah talks to herself in the mirror. I was putting her to bed the other night and she said that I needed to turn my head while she talked to herself. So, on command, I turned my head (and then turned it back) and found her whispering to her image in the mirror. All I caught since she was whispering was "I knew you'd come back"...I'm sorry but I was snickering...I think a snort even escaped...trying to keep the laughter low key. What a hoot!

#2- Savannah begged for a "jammie" day today. Is that normal for a 6 year old? Maybe we've been a little busy lately????

#3- Tucker has slept passed 9am 2 mornings this week. What's up with that? Growing? Sick? Tired? Who knows! But I did enjoy the extra quiet time!!!

I'm trying hard not to miss the moments this year. What a blessing and delight these rugrats are to me!


Kathy said...

blogs are so great for capturing and recording the moment. Now if you only had sound bites! : ) I hope you and your beautiful crew have an awesome day. I know for your household it will be a busy one, but I still pray that the Lord will reach to your depths as a couple and as Mom and Dad and children and make sure you hear and remember loud and clear that He did this for you. He lives!-Kathy

Nancy Anderson said...

I've never seen two more beautiful rugrats! You might, also, want to document the other night when Savannah and I were discussing how much she got for her tooth and she asked me for the phone # to the tooth fairy!