Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm in a pouting sort of mood tonight. I was suppose to be attending a ladies retreat this weekend with the ladies of my church. Instead...home with a fever and sore throat that feels more like I've swallowed sand. YUCK!

I really wanted to go. It was going to be my last official fun thing to do as the pastor's wife with this great group of ladies. Does this seem odd? Leaving a church and still loving them? I know it's a little weird, but thankfully that's the way we are exiting.

Anyway, I am just as disappointed as a child who just discovered who Santa is. Wishing I could be with some incredible ladies.

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Elizabeth said...

Leaving a church still loving them is the only way to go! We still miss our family in Marshall, but God was on to new and exciting things for us and He is for you guys too!