Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Clean Is My Hero

I have had a housekeeper for most of the last two years. I guess I am a little spoiled. It is a luxury I have afforded myself (since I DO work) like other women might get their nails done or people pay to get their yard done or a deer lease (I know...if you are a guy and are reading this you might disagree that a deer lease is a luxury...to most men I know they think it's a necessity for survival). Anyway, Wendy has been super and I love her, and I don't ever want her to go away....but in light of our recent job switch, Wendy and I have talked...and her days are numbered. She won't be coming to my house to clean toilets too many more times. I'm sad. It's been more than just cleaning. It's been catching up, counseling, crying, laughing until we cried, comforting, fun, hard work. I will miss our weekly "meetings". (However -she did mention I wasn't getting rid of her that easily)

BUT, I have found a replacement for her. Well, not really, but let me continue. As I was deep cleaning (washing walls and baseboards) in my kid's rooms. I noticed some creative artwork....ON THE WALLS and ON THE BACK OF THEIR DOORS, that I had not seen before. At first I panicked. Was I going to have to repaint. What exactly did they use to create this masterpiece...is it crayon, marker, colored pencil, paint, smashed vegetables, bodily fluids? So, I sent Bruce to the DG (Dollar General) to pick up the miracle worker- MR. CLEAN. Have you met him?

There he was. His arms crossed on the front of the box. His muscles buldging from beneath the white t-shirt. He looks like he can get the job done. I followed the directions on the box- wet, ring and wash. Do you know that Magic Erase Mr. Clean Sponge did the trick. It took every bit of the artwork off the walls and doors. I am so thrilled....I gave Mr. Clean a hi-5 on the box as I tossed him in the trash. He's my new best friend, hero, boyfriend.

For a free sample go to this link.


Kathy said...

Gina, you've got to come by Field Lily today. You'll get a little closer look at your hero! Too funny. I posted this last night, probably way after your night-night time. I have been my own maid for a while, and I hate to say it, but yeh, I need to attack a few doors myself. I think SAMS CLUB should start selling Mr. Clean scrubbers in volume! I could use it!

Nancy Anderson said...

The apple doesn't fall from the tree---I've been in love with Mr. Clean for years! Your blog has given me the courage to come out of the closet and admit it!!!

Gina Stinson said...

Mom....seems I remember you being pretty fond of Mr. Murphey...(as in Murphey's Oil)when I was growing up. Seems there was a song and a dance???
In other words....you've got your cleaning man....Mr. Clean is mine!!!!