Monday, April 27, 2009


Bruce is out with the police. It's the third time in a week. They call him. Ask him to ride with them. He comes to me, with the excitement of a child when they know their birthday is tomorrow, and asks "Would it be ok for me to go ridin' with so-n-so" and I say yes....everytime. (Like I tell him what to do anyway!)

It's been going on for months. He loves it. He loves riding with the officer, getting to know them, their lives, their family, their fears, dreams and prayers. He loves the Adrenalin rush of a speeding ticket and the comedy of seeing a church member get pulled over for a busted tail light (and yes...Bruce helped talk the officer out of giving him a ticket!)

Most of all I like it because it enables him to talk to men who are under an incredible amount of stress (yes, even in a small town) and he gets to encourage them, pray for them and help keep them awake during those late night hours. It's one of the things he is really good at- Being a friend to his neighbor.


Kathy said...

You're cool, Gina. Bruce sounds cool too! Love you guys, and will pray for you. Have fun, girl!

Gina Stinson said...

Thanks Kathy! I appreciate your encouraging words during these crazy days at our house! God is on the Throne!

Kathy said...

He is, and He holds all of our days in His hands.