Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diggin' In

Late this afternoon I had the great privilege of breaking ground on the garden for the Mission. What an awesome site!

At 5:30pm The Garner and Nevil families from First Baptist Church in Gunter arrived and planted 120 cucumber plants. They built 20 large mounds and planted 3 seeds per mound. The kids chipped right in and helped. Unfortunately there are some pretty muddy clothes going home with these families, but the work they put into the garden is very much appreciated. Thanks FBC!

At 7pm the Gunter Cub Scouts showed up and planted at least 100 okra seeds. Krissy Caperton led the efforts there with help from the boys and their parents. What a great job they did. They hoed both 50 foot rows and did all the planting! Way to earn your conservation badge boys.

Things are underway....more planting 8am on Saturday.

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