Sunday, April 26, 2009

Potentially Dangerous

I've been trying to sort out just what God might be trying to teach me during this time of transition. Stepping out by faith is taking on a whole new meaning for us. In the past when Bruce and I have ventured's just been us. This time, add a couple of crazy kids and a ton of toys and stepping out takes on a different look.

Currently, job offers are coming in for Bruce, which in and of itself is a miracle in this economy. God has definitely showed Himself in that area. We are headed to Atlanta to see my family next week and I can hardly wait. Seems like forever since I was in the Peanut State!

Total surrender is something I am wrestling with daily. I "think" I am totally surrendered and then I find myself arguing with God about how things should be. It's that spiritual warfare thing that makes this a bit difficult. I really just need to slow down and allow God to take care of all the details...big and small. He's gotten us this far...why do I question the path ahead!?!

I was thinking if (when) we sell our house that we are potentially a very dangerous family. Willing to go anywhere, do anything. Pretty scary. Pretty exciting. Pretty much right where I want to be.

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Kathy said...

Gina, our prayers are with you. It takes huge courage to totally surrender to the Lord, but what other choice do we really have? Certainly no better choice.