Friday, April 17, 2009

Kids Say the Sweetest Things

Every year at Christmas time we have a little tradition with the kids that in order to get the real meaning of Christmas across to them, we reenact the Christmas Story. One of the first times we did this, Savannah dressed up as Mary and held her baby doll. She had the covering over her head and her bathrobe tied around her waist. But, as you can imagine, when Tucker came along, things got rather interesting. Tucker has a December birthday, so he was just the right size to play baby Jesus in our homemade reenactment. So, We dressed Savannah in her traditional Mary outfit and swaddled Tucker in a blanket and had Mary and Baby Jesus in our living room. And so began the years of a live Nativity at the Stinson's home.

Occasionally throughout the year, they will dress up as the characters (although Tucker is now too big for Savannah to lug around as baby Jesus. I tried to explain to her that he could be a shepherd or wiseman....still she'd rather him be Jesus.

The sweetest words that have ever come out of Tucker's mouth were heard yesterday. The kids were playing in Savannah's room. I heard Savannah giving Tucker a "Bible Quiz" (I'll have to save that story for another day), when I heard Tucker's little voice say "Make me like Jesus". WOW! What precious sweet words. "Make me like Jesus". Innocent, softly spoken, more sincere words have never been spoken.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I pondered the wise words of my three year old. Sure, he doesn't fully understand what he's saying- for that matter, neither do I when I say them! The surrender and the sincerity behind the words is what matters most. My request today is the same as Tucker's "Make me like Jesus"...whatever it takes.


Red Writing said...

Sweet story.
The three bravest words to pray--"whatever it takes."

Lisa said...

Beautiful story. What a wonderful God Stop moment. That ismy prayer today too - "Make me like Jesus".
Blessings - Lisa