Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was an excrutiatingly painful day. Shopping...which is normally a very fun adventure- became a chore. A few questions for the fashion industry;

1. Why do you assume that because someone is a little on the fluffy side that they are also 7 feet tall. I searched 6 hours for a pair of brown pants and brown pants.

2. Why would a girl who is (again) on the fluffy side, want to wear horizonal stripes on any part of her body?

3. Why do stores not sell leggings or footless tights in fluffy sizes if they are going to sell short dresses. I dare one wants to see "that" if I need to bend over.

4. When did fluffy women stop wearing colors other than black and brown?

5. Burmuda, capri, cropped, bootcut, straightleg, flared? Decisions...decisions...decisions.

6. Why do stores not sell fluffy sized work out clothes? After all...isn't that the type person that needs to be exercizing?

7. Do fluffy girls really need padding in any type of undergarment?

8. Why do I want a purse that can hold 2/3 of the food in my refrigerator when I already have a tough time keeping up with my keys and phone?

9. Why were there shoulderpads in the jacket I tried on today? Do the early 90's not bring back horrid fashion memories for anyone but me?

Just overwhelmed by the large task of trying to pack for a 7 day trip out of town...with money to spend on clothing- so that I can look like a professional instead of a sweat pant wearing, slipper donning, koolaid stained SAHM!...oh well I am what I am!


Keelie said...

Wow. I WAS excited about the day of shoping I had planned for myself today. Now--not so much. Do we need to start a line of clothing--Fluffy Fabulous?

Married with Children..... said...

I like Keelie's idea of a new line called Fluffy Fabulous!!! I have not shopped for myself (other than workout clothes) in a while. I promised myself I wouldn't. I have great clothes in my closet.......for skinny me, if I could ever get back to that girl! URGHH! FRUSTRATING!

Kathy said...

I think the fashion industry and the faulty advertising that goes along with it is HIGHLY over-rated!!! It's pure hype, excess imagery, and...well, for lack of a better word, it's pure fluff!!!! : ) - couldn't help myself on the "fluff" part. Well, because parts of me are more fluffy than others, I relate. No wonder brown is my favorite color!