Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

I don't meet many people face to face outside of church. My work with The Mission is beginning to open doors to meet new people, but it has been a slow process (worth every second). But, recently God brought a few new people into my life. First, we began a tutoring program at the Gunter Middle School and I have been blessed to meet some new, fun, great kids. I find myself wanting to know them more! Along with those kids a whole new group of high school kids, youth workers and adults have volunteered to tutor. This group is awesome. They sacrifice about 3 hours of their time each week to invest in a kids life. Some of these volunteers were strangers to me, but God is bonding us together as we minister. How like Him!

Then just last week I met two men who want to help with the community garden. I don't mean just a little bit either! One man wants to provide the equipment and labor to level the lot, move some dirt to low spots and spread new dirt. Another wants to pay for 300 yards of dirt to be brought in (that's $5000 worth of dirt!)

So, yesterday the process began. A $250,000 piece of equipment leveled the property, moved dirt (it smelled wonderful, BTW) and cleared some debris. Now, if the rain will hold off just enough to get this dirt delivered!!!!

God is always on time- a lesson I am learning as I type this. Last week, just before all this came to pass, I was having a conversation with a dear friend. I was trying to convince myself that I was trusting God to provide what we needed...and yet, I seemed so surprised when He actually did it! I wonder if He chuckled when He saw me doing the happy dance, or when tears of joy were streaming down my face? I wonder what He was thinking when something I should have been expecting...surprised me so greatly.

Thank you Lord for the kindness of strangers, your timely provision...and loving me in spite of myself.

Thanks to KW Utility Construction (Kerry Williams) in Whitesboro, Texas and Classic Reflections Pools (Stan Penner) for their generous gift!

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