Friday, March 13, 2009

Safety in the Light

How many times do you get up during the middle of the night and stumble getting to the bathroom? This is a regular occurrence at my house. I stumble to the bathroom nearly every night...through the maze of dirty laundry piled on the floor, stray shoes and misplaced toys. It's probably one of the most dangerous feats of my daily life (ok...besides tasting Bruce's tuna chili or BBQ wienies.)

Wednesday (after I lost my Internet connection- which I just got back tonight- in case you've wondered where I have been) Tucker and I were playing a dangerous game of Nerf football in the house. It was terribly overcast outside, maybe even raining, and the living room was darker than usually for 5pm in the afternoon. I over-threw the ball and it bounced down the very short hallway we have. Due to the overcast skies and the solar screens on the widows, the hallway seemed way too dark to Tucker. He looked at me and with a timid look said, "You get the ball?" I said "You can turn on the light". He looked at me as if I had just given him such tremendous truth- a light bulb moment for sure! -and ran to the light switch and tip-toed to turn it on. Then he triumphantly returned the Nerf ball with an excited winner's smile.

He felt safe in the light...the same way I feel scared for my safety as I wander through my house after "lights out"- he felt scared of the darkness looming in the 6 feet of hallway space in my house. But as soon as the light was turned on....BINGO! Everything was A-OK.

I've thought about that a lot since Wednesday. The spiritual corelations are just too obvious. Isn't it true that when we are stumbling around in this world of darkness that it can be very scary. We don't want to walk around without a light, we don't know what might be looming, ready to trip us up, hurt us or cause us to stumble. Yet, as soon as we turn on the light, things appear brighter, better and more clear. The things that lay in our way are still there but we can walk around them avoid them and even clean them up when they are exposed by the light.

I'm so thankful that I have a relationship with the Light of the World- that His Word is a light to my path- He is the bright and morning star....leading the way, shining the light and exposing the darkness. With him, we are safe.


Ann said...

First, I want to thank you for the mental picture of laundry on the floor strewn along the path to the bathroom.... because such is my life! Today my dad came over to replace my toilet seat in the master bath, and when he walked thru my bedroom he chuckled and said "hey, they have these things now called 'hampers' that you could put those dirty clothes in." Haha, dad! But, really, I liked your post about the light and the dark... my daughter (she's 11) just said to me the other night "I'm not afraid of the dark, you know... it's what might be in it that scares me." How true for us all!

Gina Stinson said...

Thanks Ann! In truth...I could have probably added a few more things that I regulary find on the floor...but a girl's gotta have SOME dignity! Thanks for commenting. I checked out your the title! Come visit again!