Monday, March 2, 2009

Edits and the Editor

Before I start this post, you should know something. I absolutely love my job and my boss is terrific. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work at home, make good money and have flexibility to take care of my family, do ministry and still have a life!

For those who don't know, I am a Publicist Assistant. Here's a brief synopsis of what I get to do:

1. Write press releases for some of the greatest authors in Christian non-fiction...and soon...fiction.

2. Coordinate blog tours to get these books great exposure.

3. Maintain media lists and activity reports on clients.

4. Write interview questions that radio and tv hosts use when they are on the air.

5. Create mailing list for reviewers

6. Create eblasts to get the word out about the books

7. Use online document sharing sites to upload our authors media kits

...and more! It's like a dream come true! thing I don't like so much is proofing and editing. In fact, I stink at it! You would think with all the online tools there are that I wouldn't have to do so much of it...but really in the writing industry, the best tools are your own eyes. Still, I lack the skills needed to do this part of my job justice. Fortunately for me though, I will be attending a conference in March that has a class on editing and guess what???? I'll be there - front and center!

You know, editing is really very similar to the way God works in our lives as Christians. I was thinking recently as my boss and I were sending emails of a document back and forth...editing it, that each time we passed it back to the other, it was a little bit better because something had been added or taken away. Isn't that just like the Lord - The Master Editor. When I read His Word He is making my life better by the things that are added and taken away. The refining process that takes place is beautiful. His Holy Spirit gently convicts of the things that need to be removed and sweetly encourages us to develop the things that are lovely and pure. He's editing us constantly. In fact, we need it to become more mature Christians. There's something in the writing industry called "writing tight". It means to say what you want effectively, using the fewest and best words. That brings to mind the song "Let My Words Be Few" from a Philip's Craig and Dean song a few years ago. I want the editing going on in my life to be so that with the fewest words spoken people will know about my love for God, His love for them and His desire for a relationship with them. As the Holy Spirit makes edits to my life, I pray that it will be more and more clear what He is trying to accomplish.

So...I am in the process of learning to be a more careful editor...all the while being edited by the greatest communicator of all time.

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