Monday, March 16, 2009

Searching for the "Write" words

I was writing a lot for work today. Press release for a new book due out in April, emails to perspective reviewers, followup emails to media outlets, emails to clients about calendars...where I wrote what I have been doing all day, Emails to boss, blog posting on professional blog....and the list goes on. Thank God for the delete button though! So many times I begin writing, only to find myself searching for just the right word. You know- the one that will sound the best, be the most descriptive, give the best visual picture of what I am trying to say. I use the delete button when I change my mind, misspell or don't like a word I use. When I find that perfect word, it just oozes a good feeling. Complete. Enough said. Descriptive. Picturesque. I love it when it all comes together.

In a recent conversation with someone who thinks outside the box, we were talking about the accuracy of the scriptures, the inerrant of the Word of God. We both agreed that though there are many other books that are good, and many men and women who teach the word of God accurately, that the Bible we have today is inerrant, infallible and trustworthy. It's completeness, wholeness and entirety may be debated through the ages, but the most important issue at hand is that it is exactly what we need for everyday of our lives. It is the perfect, inspired word of God- written by men who I am sure never in their wildest dreams believed that they were contributing to something so big. Translated by men who solely devoted their lives to nothing less than accurately translating, copying and binding the words of God. I can imagine them searching for the best noun or adjective to describe something and the great sense of something bigger than themselves running through their veins.

Searching for those write words can be frustrating sometimes. When we finally find those words you know it. The manuscript has a flow to it, people can sense your passion and love for the book. Others catch a glimpse of what you are trying to say. May we all be in search of the "write" words as we strive to live a life full of passion, expectation and humility before the Lord. After all this isn't a draft copy we are writing on.

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