Sunday, October 3, 2010


Bruce taught the youth at church today. It was a difficult day. Some things happened this week that were disappointing and some of our youth are hurting, mad and feel misunderstood. Boy, we've all been there before! I remember the very first time I was disappointed by someone that was a role model. I was about 14 and one of the college age girls at church became pregnant. This girl was someone who I had known since I was in kindergarten. She seemed so perfect on the outside. Her life seemed all put together. I remember the disappointment I felt when my mom told me. I remember thinking about how embarrassed she must be. I wondered if I would ever see her again.

Time passed and I did see her again and again and soon I saw her with her newborn baby. I wondered how she felt about her life. I was young. I was naive and mostly I was disappointed.

In Bruce's lesson today, he helped us identify with the Children of Israel. They were disappointed. Moses had passed away...this mighty fallible leader had left them and now the children waited to see what Joshua was going to do with them. In a few short verses of Chapter 1 we realize Joshua's mind had already been made up. He didn't have to ask anyone....He's mind and heart were fixed on service to the LORD. He didn't dilly dally around. He put on his coat of courage and decided to claim the strength that God provided him. He trusted God enough to surrender his agenda and follow this course that God laid out for Him. Can you imagine the things that might have been going through His mind?

Bruce challenged the kids to become Joshua's. I confess this challenge awakened a sense of urgency in my own life. Surrendering my own will, insecurities, past failures and successes...can be humbling in a weird but good way. I want to be like Joshua....ready, with my courage clad, to do whatever God wants for such a time as this. Whether it's teaching preschool, working with the Home builders or youth or taking care of my family....I want to do it....the best I can knowing God is going to be right beside me each step of the way. He is who I serve. Not man. Not stuff. He is who I put my trust in. When people disappoint me, my faith walk won't waver because my eyes are on Jesus...not people.

I'm glad the lesson spoke to someone....even if that someone was only me.

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