Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tonight I sat in a meeting with 13 youth workers who are burdened and committed to the youth in our church. They are heroes in my book. It's a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ rally together during times of need..and I guess pretty much anytime. These are people who have busy lives, children of their own, bills to pay, jobs to work and yet, in the midst of all that...they are committed to supporting the efforts of parents who are teaching their children to grow in their relationship with Christ. For some youth, these are the only adults who give them any type of Christ-centered guidance in their lives.

As I looked around and listened to the concerns, burdens and heartaches of these adults, I thought about how blessed these youth are to have this extra support system around them. They take this calling seriously.  They hurt when the students hurt, rejoice when they rejoice. They want God's best for their lives and pray for their futures. They're concerned about today as well as the choices facing them tomorrow.

They're not perfect....but they are concerned....and they are praying. It was a beautiful thing to get to meet with them, share some good food and laughs and then share our hearts together.

Thank you God for a sweet time of fellowship.

Question: How have you honored those who teach you or your family about God lately? I was thinking of trying to do something special for these workers and would love to hear your ideas....comment below!

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Jaime said...

We could bake cookies/goodies etc. and drop them off at their houses with a thank you note! I can help with whatever you decide!!