Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking for Perfect

For about a month now I have been looking for the perfect purse. know what I might as well go read another blog 'cause I'm gonna camp here for a minute.

I discovered a while back but didn't fully enjoy its online shopping pleasure until I was sick a few weeks ago and bored out of my mind. I happened to be looking for some cute little poppies and hopped on over there to see what I could find. It was there I discovered the PURSE category. If you know me you know I don't really accessorize all that much so the fact that I spent several hours browsing purses should impress you! I also realized during the shopping adventure that I have a slight obsession with birds. All the purses I really loved had birds on them. So for the last few weeks I have enjoyed browsing the 18, 345 different purses that are listed at etsy....and more get listed everyday! I have a little money is reserve for a new purse for the fall, so last week,  I thought I would find the perfect purse for me on etsy and order it.

The search, not big enough, no, that one's too big, that one is the wrong color, that strap isn't long enough.....are you following me? So after searching through thousands (no I am not exaggerating) I still haven't found the perfect purse. Poor me.

This fiasco got me to thinking about other areas of my life that I am looking for perfect. The perfect husband, the perfect kids, the perfect house, the perfect outfit, the perfect church, the perfect friend. Boy...perfect sure is hard to find. It's my opinion that there is really only one thing that is "perfect" for me ....Jesus. His everything is perfect. He never disappoints. He's the perfect size, shape, color....and He lasts forever...through whatever life brings.

So while my search for the perfect purse continues. My search for so many other things...peace, real joy, contentment, love and acceptance has been Jesus!

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