Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When You've Made a Fool of Yourself....

Teaching my kids the finer things in life is really quite important to me. Things like saying "please and thank you "and "Yes Ma'am and No Sir" are just about lost arts....and I know these thing because I've been around 120 kids during registration at VBS this week! But some of the lesser known finer things include saying "excuse me" at the appropriate times and possibly one that I have managed to master recently the "what to do when you wear your shirt inside out to lunch with friends". Yes, I did.

I had managed to put my shirt on correctly when I dressed for VBS this past Monday morning, but after registration I came home to work. I was wearing the layered-make-you-look-25 pounds-lighter look and so I took off the top shirt and wore only the tank while I was working from the privacy of my home. At 12:30, Bruce calls and says he is going to take the VBS speaker to lunch at the local Mexican place and asks if I want to join them. Did I mention our music director and three of his kids were going too. So, I grabbed my shirt, slipped it on, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door. I remember thinking to myself as I tried to get my tag to tuck under my shirt "I need to cut this tag out when I get home". Wow...I am a genius.

I arrived early, got the table for the 9 of us, saw our pastor and his wife, sat and talked with them for a few minutes....all the while...you guess it....the shirt is on inside out. The guys and kids get there, we share in lovely  man conversation. We eat, the kids finish and Savannah comes over to me to ask me something. As she leans in to talk to me, she looks at my shoulder, then at me, then whispers to me, "Mom, do you have your shirt on inside out?" I looked down at my sleeve. "Why, yes. Yes I do Savannah"....and then I acted like I had never seen it and kept right on visiting with the guys....after all....they are men....they never noticed!

Geez......Lesson of the day....never overact.....you'll save yourself a lot of embarrassment....teach your children to do the same.....and you'll save them and yourself a lot of embarrassment!

So humor me.....tell me something you've done recently to embarrass yourself! PLEASE!

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F. Deaton said...

LOL! I got myself stuck in a car wash one time! I laugh every time I think about it. I put my money in, and it was one of those drive through ones where you have to align the van just so. Well, of course I didn't do it right, and wanted to back up and try again but someone was behind me and I couldn't. Needless to say, the man behind me got a free car wash that day!