Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reflections of Youth

It's funny. I never realized how unhip I am until today.

Incident #1- Our new youth pastor and his pretty, youthful wife arrived in town this week. Today was their first service at the church as staff. He wore salmon colored pants, blue boat shoes and lime green socks. Considering he bought the pants from J Crew they must be in style...right? Funny because everyone was talking about it...the youth guy knows he's got more style than any other guy on staff...he can take the laughs for sure!

Incident #2- It was brought up in choir practice tonight at church that I have a blog. One older teenage guy just about passed out and then asked "You have a blog, what do you have to blog about?" I that boring???? Funny how teenagers view adult lives!

Well, I won't be showing up in salmon colored pants (and neither will Bruce) and I might not lead the most exciting life....but I am happy being me. It's taken a while to get here....and there are still things that make me more nervous than they should...but I am getting there...pretty comfortable in my own skin. Thankful for the person God's made me. Happy to change the things I need to as I can and willing for God to change the things that on my own I am unable.

I do have a few risky things going on that may make me sound more adventurous....

1. I have a blue dress and new navy blue leggings that I have been putting off wearing....but I am just about out world...and please-no fashion police!

2. We are planning a fly by the seat of your pants vacation. Meaning----we aren't going to plan every last minute of it...we will leave plenty of room for spontaneous fun.

3. There's a slight chance that with mom visiting next week, my refrigerator might get cleaned out....that in and of itself is living life on the edge!

4. My hairstyle and possibly color is going to change drastically in the next week!

See, I can live life on the edge....with or without salmon colored pants!

Seriously, so happy Greg and Alicia are with us on staff. They make us all look younger!


Jaime said...

LOL! Well even if you don't show up in salmon colored pants, I will always LOVE reading your blog! :) And I want in on the haircolor party!! I need some spice in my life! :)

F. Deaton said...

Rock the blue dress/leggings! Hey, I rocked the blue streak in my hair last June, now it's your turn to wear blue! All I could think of in regards to the pants was one person-KOLI!

Heart2Heart said...

Ummm I will not wear salmon colored pants, shirt maybe, bathing suit possibly.

I think it's great to push some new limits to keep our minds fresh and young and love the idea of the new hair color and cut.

Can't wait for pictures.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat