Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Walmart's Got You Covered

In an endeavor to work on my tan....or more honestly just go hang out with my kids and friends at the pool I attempted to find my packed-away-in-a-box bathing suit today. I believed it to be in the top of my closet where I tend to put things that I do not wear very often....and yes, even though I live in Texas where the heat index was 110 today, I do not have that many opportunities to wear the lovely tankini set I bought last year. So, as I climbed on the chair to rescue said bathing suit from the dust mites and cobwebs of the top of my closet, I was a little surprised to only find the top of the tankini set. There she was blue with teal green and purple cute. Where had I put the bottoms? I remembered that I had put a bathing suit in my dresser a few weeks ago when unpacked my summer clothes so I mozied on over to the dresser to discover the bottoms of a bathing suit....a different bathing suit....the red and gold and brown tapestry patterned bathing suit. UGH.....this wasn't going as planned. So, I searched and search....but found nothing.

So, reluctantly I psyched myself up for the after church trip to Wal-mart to find another suit....or at least some shorts to match the blue one. The trip wasn't a total waste. I needed a few things for our cookout tomorrow night for our late Father's Day celebration with Bruce's dad. Luckily, for all your bun needs....Walmart's got you covered! (I'm sorry....I just couldn't help myself) I emerged later with HB buns and 2 pair of board shorts w/tanks.....Now if I can just remember where I put them.....


bigfatmama said...

It is so hot here too, all you really can do is go to a pool. Have fun!

Heart2Heart said...

I would love to get a pool here with our second 100+ degree day planned. The kids are off to the community pool which if you can believe it is only open for 2 1/2 hours each day. What's up with that?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat