Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Favorites

My favorite things about summer:

1. More relaxed schedule with the kids. No preschool, homeschool, homework!

2. My garden....fresh squash, tomatoes, corn...yummy!

3. My flowers....I inherited tons of beautiful flowers in my yard from the previous's wonderful to wake up to something new everyday!

4. kids love it and so do I. This year I only get to work for an hour a day because I will still be working my job, but I am excited that I still get to be involved.

5. VACATION!...we don't usually take a summer vacation so I don't know if this one will stay on the list (we love the mountains in the fall). We are headed to Branson in a few weeks. Gonna be fun I am sure!

6. More time to visit with friends. No one is rushing out the door to get kids in bed for school. Everyone is just more laid back.

7. Visitors....more out of town friends and family visit during the summer. It's fun catching up!

What about you....what are your favorite things about summer?


Heart2Heart said...


I love Bar B Ques, camping, smores, bubbles, beach trips, sand castles and just being in the sun.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

discoveringthemeinmommy said...

ah yes, the garden! can't wait for them to produce!

the previous owners didn't leave us nice flowers, and i've tried to transplant some....but it is my husband who has the green thumb!

now following.

have a good one!

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