Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fantastic Dads

The media wastes no time informing us of the large mass production of dead beat dads. Thankfully I didn't have I won't be giving any new briefs on that topic today. I was blessed with a fantastic dad for 18 years, and when he passed away it was possibly the most life changing event I have experienced to date. He taught me more about life, God's Word, hard work and respect than any other human being. He was fantastic.

And...this week past week I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with my new stepdad. Many of you will remember my mom remarried in October after being a widow for 19 years. This week ended up being so special. We had no big plans and spent most of our time just visiting. Mom and Tom arrived for a five day visit and left this morning after making a plethora of new memories. Tom has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease. He's funny, kind, generous and has a huge fan base in the under 4 footers in our home. God knew just what we needed after all these years.

My brother became a dad on Christmas day last year year. His little Sydney has already worked her magic on her daddy and is pretty busy calling the shots in their household. Daddy Andy is learning all about the do's and don'ts of fatherhood and is becoming another fantastic dad. He's juggling a career that includes non-traditional work hours and he's managing to still find time for cuddles and kisses from his baby girl.

My father in law manages to keep our family equipped with family recipes from our ancestors. He's up to date with the going ons in our community and he loves spending time with his kids and grandkids. He's the best navigator of country back rounds I know!

And saving the best for last...and certainly not least, I thank God for the father of my own children. He is amazing. He shares the weight of parenting with me. He plays, instructs, disciplines, laughs, guides and spends time with Savannah and Tucker. Their faces light up with joy when they see him coming. He is loved by many, but none more than us. We are blessed to have him.

Not many families can say they have 4 men who are fantastic role models. Thank you Lord for these amazing men in my life and in the lives of my kids. What a gift...what a legacy....what a treasure!


Beth said...

Hi Gina! I wanted to stop by and catch up on your blog a bit. I loved your posts about the dads in your life. Enjoy your vacation to Branson! I love vacations where not every single day is planned out, too!

Talkin' Texan said...

What a wonder have a family of men who love and are loved! You are blessed! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog! Please come back again and visit so we can get to know each other!
I'll read more of yours in a bit, right now I've got to go stir supper.