Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need Daily Encouragement?

My sister in law, Jan from Georgia (and mom to my sweet niece), is finally blogging! I am so excited about her blog, Jan's Ponderings. She has a great  knack for writing. If I were you....I'd start following her today and then start your day reading her devotional thoughts! Go HERE now!!!!! You'll be glad you did!

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bigfatmama said...

Thanks for leaving me a link to your blog!

That's hilarious about your shirt inside out!!

Just a few weeks ago I checked the mail, went on a quick errand, and came home and checked the mail again. It was empty and I thought, oh, the mail must not have come today. I got in the car, saw the mail sitting there that I had just picked up an hour earlier and had already forgotten about! That's what fatigue will do to you! I have countless other stories, that's just one of them! :)