Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...

This week's weather forcast appears to be bringing some much needed rain to my neck of the woods...and I am already thinking...What on earth am I gonna do with the kids?

So I've started making a list....maybe it can help you on your next rainy day or Monday....they don't have to always get you down!

1. Make a tent....the kind with kitchen chairs and an old sheet.

2. Rent a movie ON DEMAND. It's gonna cost you $3.99 for something recently in the theaters or you can grab an older one for $2.99 or so....but the benefit is 2 hours of happy, occupied kids. OR watch something you have on hand...for free!

3. Tackle a project....clean out a closet or sort through toys. It won't take all day but you will all feel like you haven't wasted the day....then reward yourselves by taking time to....

4. Bake cookies

5. Make homemade playdough

6. Read together

7. Finger paint.

8. Write letters to grandparents (or draw pictures)

9. Play tournament games...checkers, Candyland, Connect Four, Uno, Monopoly, Wii

10.  Order Pizza for delivery

And if all else fails......PLAY IN THE RAIN!

So, what do you do with your kids on bad weather days?


F. Deaton said...

I'm liking the order pizza idea! May just do that today, and watch a movie too!

Jamie said...

Oh yeah, we just got back from Family Video.. gotta love those free kid rentals!

Big Fat Mama said...

I was coming to the Internet for just this reason...to find activities for a rainy day!!

Just posted an award for your blog on my site. It's under the video clip post. :)

Amy Sullivan said...

I promised myself that I would make a tent with my girls this summer. It is a must, must do. Glad you reminded me!