Monday, June 28, 2010

Couponing, Meal Planning and More

I posed this question in my facebook status yesterday:

Favorite coupon site or tip?

Do you have one? I am looking into some serious ways to be better stewards of our money. My plan is to get my coupons in order (any tips on that would also be appreciated) and then after we return from vacation in 2 weeks to get busy saving some cash on our food expenses.

I hear meal planning and couponing go hand in if you have a scrumptious low cost recipe that you want to share feel free.

I'll combine all the responses and link to your blog later this week.

Thanks for your help!


Heart2Heart said...

Before shopping I usually google the brand I am going to purchase and can usually find a coupon for the items. Sounds like a winner of an idea.

Also I do this whenever I shop online to save on shipping costs or to gain a discount.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Margaret said...

I use and to help me build my shopping lists based on the sales. I also purchase more than one Sunday paper to allow me to stock up on coupons. I ask friends to save me the coupons they are not using.

Jaime said...

I plan meals 2 weeks at a time. Then I'm ONLY going to the store in between for milk and fresh fruits/veggies...nothing else! If it's not on the list, I don't buy it (ask Jason..haha!) and there's no going back to the store until the next payday unless it's MAJOR. Have to plan big time, but it works for us. I buy a Sunday newspaper at Walgreen's b/c it's only $2 and cheaper than a subscription. On the top of the front page it tells how much in savings are inside. If nothing, skip it, no coupons.

F. Deaton said...

I'm with Jaime on the meal planning. I really don't use coupons, unless they are really good and for something we eat a lot that is name brand. We buy mostly off-brand stuff-and it tastes just as good most of the time! I am working on making a list of our fave. and regularly eaten items that I can put into a rotation basis and that I will be able to have a complete meal plan for 7 days-21 meals total. I used to be much better at planning and need to simplify more so that I'll know exactly what we have for each meal and there is no guesswork in it! Not to mention hungry and cranky kids.
The thing I mentioned before is the and that will basically tell you when to use the coupons that you cut out so that your savings will be maximized.

Jan said...

I use This does focus on the Atlanta area, but they had a great tip on organizing coupons. You can make your own or buy one from her website. They suggest using baseball card sleeves (everyone said Walmart sleeves are horrible - use Target instead)and putting coupons in them and then in a 3 ring binder. That way you can see all of your coupons easily. I have not tried this yet so I cannot speak from experience.