Friday, September 25, 2009

Your Attention Please

I recently started following Stuff Christians Like . Today's post, while extremely humorous, is sadly more the norm than the random. I'd love for you to read the post #626 Evangelizing the Trivial and let me know what you think. Why do we have such a problem sharing our faith?


Red Writing said...

Okay..I haven't read that one yet (I will) but this is the most hilarious blog!!!! Everytime I read it I am in stitches but like you said--most everything he writes about rings true on some level with me. I guess the truth hurts..and its funny? Anyone who is a Christian and has the ability to laugh at themselves should definitely start reading.

Heart2Heart said...

I think it's because we think we might offend someone even it that is not our intention. We fear we may not have the answers to the questions that person may just launch at us and then where would we be?

Great post by the way, and too often I find myself doing these very same things mentioned.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

F. Deaton said...

OK-that dude is seriously funny! He is so right on though!!