Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rainbow Day

We are house-sitting this week for some new friends who are a host family for a foreign exchange student from Korea. Sonny is a delightful 15 year old young man, well mannered, kind, plays well with others. We are enjoying him tremdendously.

It's homecoming week at the high school and so it's also spirit week. You remember...wacky hair and sock days, backwards day...Well, seems the schools not too good about speaking Sonny's language. He didn't really understand the madness behind Homecoming Week at a State Championship Football Team highschool. We didn't know anything about it so we didn't know he was confused...and missing out! So, Tuesday afternoon, after two days of spirit week at school, he tells us that Wednesday is "Rainbow Day" at school. Hmmmm...rainbow day. Dress in colorful attire???...that must be it. So we begin thinking and planning something for him to's a little weird...haven't really heard of this spirit week activity before...but, what do we know...we are new to town.

About 10pm, Bruce's sister, AKA Home and Family Science Teacher at the highschool calls and Bruce happens to ask about "Rainbow" day. She laughs...seems rainbow day is really tie dye day!!! Poor Sonny! He didn't know. We were laughing! So after calling around to see if anyone has any tie dye apparel....or will even admit it if they do, Bruce, Sonny and Tucker head to walmart to get the supplies for what would become the most awesome tiedyed shirt SSHS has ever seen! FUN Times!

After a day recovering from this extremely late night/early morning activity, I was thinking about how this scenerio is so true when we as Christian talk to the world in our religious language. They have no clue what we are talking about most of the time when we say things like saved, redeemed, holy, sacrifice, sanctified, purified. Just like Sonny, it's not their fault. It's ours for not explaining it better.

Let me add that the joy on Sonny's face when we finally discovered what he was talking about was priceless....I wonder if that is the same look an unsaved person has when they finally understand what Christ has done for them.


Cara said...

That's a great point, Gina! Sometimes *I* feel this way when reading scripture, lol:)


Heart2Heart said...


What a blessing it is to be sharing your home and your life experiences with Sonny! I am hoping he really enjoys it all and brings some of it back home.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat