Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Catch a Skunk

First: Find someone who owns a trap...or perhaps you have one in your garage. Set the trap in the area where you have seen the skunk. Use tuna fish or bread for the bait. We used bread.
We set the trap at around 9:30pm last night. Here's what we found at 7am today:

Find someone who is willing to dress up in a tarp. Evidently the key to this process is not allowing the skunk to see you. Mr. Ray Calhoun was willing to be the skunkman and risk his life for us....what a hero.

Another key ingredient is for the tarp person to be very slow in sneaking up on the skunk. They don't like abrupt motions.

After you get close enough to drop the tarp over the crate, tuck the tarp around the trap like a present so that the skunk cannot see out. Beware: The skunk is not happy at this point.

Convince a couple of unsuspecting guys to help load the critter into a truck, then wave goodbye to the skunk....You're skunkman will take care of the rest. Don't ask questions.

And that's how you catch a skunk.


Kathy said...

Great pictures, Gina, and a good catch to boot! Nothing worse than getting skunked by a skunk! : )

M a d d i e said...

I seem to recall a time when another skunk held your garage hostage for a while when you were living in Hamshire! Do you remember that?

Gina Stinson said...

Maddie...I had completely forgotten about that! Wow...seems they follow us everywhere we go...wonder what that means???

♥luvin♥this♥life♥ said...

haha!! I had my first laugh out loud moment reading this one and seeing the pictures! So glad no one was harmed in the catching of the skunk... well, minus the skunk who must have been terrified at the sight of a walking tarp! ;-)