Friday, July 10, 2009

Take it to the Lord in Prayer

Every couple of days since our house has been on the market, I deep clean...dust, clean mirrors, sweep, vacuum, mop, pick up, throw away, you get the idea. I even have the kids in the habit or helping me...those Clorox wipes are awesome to give to kids to wipe things down.

With Tucker and Bruce already in Sulphur Springs for the week, Savannah and I set out on our cleaning expedition on Tuesday morning. As I was cleaning, I just kept thinking how I wished someone would at least come and see the house. It's been 3 weeks since the last showing. Anyway, I guess the Holy Spirit finally got through my thick skull and I realized....I need to pray about this. So, I called Savannah in and said, "Let's pray that someone wants to come look at our house while we are in Sulphur Springs this week". She agreed and asked if she could be the one to pray. So she prayed a prayer that included these details:

1. Please help someone drive by our house really slow.
2. Please help them pick up a flyer about our house.
3. Please help them like our house.

Can I tell you that not 10 minutes later someone in an SUV slowly pulled up to our house, turned around and came back and got a flyer. And guess who got to see it all....that's right...Savannah saw the power of prayer in action!

So, comically I said, maybe we need to ask God to send someone to the inside of the house. And guess what...within 12 hours we had a house showing!!! I know some people wouldn't think twice about all this, but God is most assuredly keeping me encouraged by these messages of answered prayer. Too often I just hope and wish and don't take the time to really pray specifically about things. Well....duh! I need to be wopped upside the head next time I do that. It's obvious God cares about these details in my life.

So, I am motivated to take things to the Lord in prayer in a big time way. I am thrilled that Savannah, at her age, got to see how quick and specifically God can answer prayer.

Now....I am off to pray about someone actually buying the house!!!


Red Writing said...

That is great!! So glad she got to see it!

Kathy said...

That's neat Gina. Nothing like our children getting to see our faith in God and His reply in action, up close and personal. Blessings and our prayers are right along side yours.

Married with Children..... said...

Love that she is seeing God work right before her eyes!!! AMAZING GOD!!!!