Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

In my imagination, this is the porch I would welcome each of my bloggy friends to for our 4th of July gathering. Isn't it charming? It's taken from Better Homes and Garden (the only magazine subscription I have ever paid for myself)...and whoever's porch it really is knows how to create that cozy laid back feeling I have on holidays. It makes me want to flip on the ceiling fan, grab a good book, decorating magazine, cookbook or house plans and dream away...possible literally! A nice nap on a cool porch has aways appealed to me.

So, if you were here, and I owned the house with this porch, I'd invite you to share a meal and some sweet tea or lemonade. We'd sit and visit or read or listen to the kids playing in the sprinkler outside and then later, we would eat homemade banana pudding. It would be delightful.


Nancy Anderson said...

I am right there with you!

Kathy said...

And of course I would RSVP, "Yes, we'll be there!" I too love that picture. I just don't know if I could keep the floor as clean as theirs is!