Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Living It Up- RV Style

My family is in the midst of a move. Our problem isn’t unique. Our previous home hasn’t sold and we aren’t in the position to purchase another home until that happens. Meanwhile God has provided us a wonderful RV for our family to live in during the waiting game.

Going from a modest middle class home to an RV has been easier than I ever imagined. Albeit small, the home comes equipped with all our necessities. Air conditioning, hot water, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances and even two televisions! Wow…home sweet RV home. We’ve moved a week’s worth of clothing in and our toiletries and a few toys for the kids and we are set to make it for a while.

With all the modern conveniences we thought we had it made. I made advance preparations with groceries and toilet paper. We even waited one day before we moved in with the kids. Last Saturday night was our first night to spend the night. The kids were excited. We took our first showers, ironed clothes for the next day and took care of bedtime routines. Everyone was snuggled in bed.

We all fell asleep, slumbering like babies….until 2am when out of nowhere the loudest train ever made barreled through the city train tracks - located right behind the property where we are staying. As you can imagine we were immediately awakened and nearly horrified. None of us had given a thought to the train. We hadn’t prepared ourselves for the enormous noise and whistling.

The next night we were all more prepared. We talked about the train with the kids. We reminded them it would be loud and we assured them that nothing would happen to them. That night when the train came through, I was the only one who awakened.

Isn’t that just like trusting children? Children who trust their parents, who believe they will be taken care of. Shouldn’t that be just how we are with our Heavenly Father? Shouldn’t we trust his guidance? Shouldn’t we know that He will take care of us? No amount of noise, hardship, disease, pain, divorce or finances can keep us from His care. Thankfully we can sleep easy when we trust in Him.


Terri said...

I love this comparison in your post with our Heavenly Father!!! We should be more trusting!!!

The Caldwells said...

oh Gina! You're staying on CBC property right? haha! We know the sound oh too well! We lived in 2 diff. houses (that are no longer there) during our 2 yr. internship and during deputation. We got used to it fast, but ALWAYS failed to tell overnight guests about it. Good times.