Monday, July 13, 2009

New Names and Faces

The enormous task of learning new names is upon me! Yesterday as I sat in my new Sunday School class, I realized that just in that class alone was the representation of 14-15 families...which meant anywhere from 60-100 people (thanks to all the children everyone has been blessed with). So, here I sit, with the church photo directory in hand, trying to get faces and names and kids put together. It's gonna take a while. I am pretty sure it's also going to take calling someone the wrong name! Oh well...there are worse things!

I'm just so incredibly thankful that no matter where I roam, my heavenly Father, knows my name. With all the coming and going my family is doing back and forth to Sulphur Springs, I can barely keep up....but He is touchably near and doesn't forget that I need Him. He calls me by name...after all, all good fathers know the names of their children. He is enormously interested in my thoughts, cares, concerns and actions. He wants me. My name is important to Him.

Thank you Lord for your nearness, for YOUR name that we can call on anytime.

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grammygail said...

Hi sister,
Praying you'll get those name in a timely fashion. I used to get so frustrated b/c Rick has such an ability to remember every name he's ever heard. Not me.
Thinking of you.