Monday, July 6, 2009

Day One

Today is the first day of the rest of your life... oh, wait...somebody else said that a long time ago.....Let's start over. Today was the first day of Bruce's new job. There, that's better. He and Tucker left last night for Sulphur Springs. They had suitcases packed and teddy bear in hand (Tucker....not Bruce!)....though after he endures a couple of days parenting Tucker alone, he might wish he had a teddy bear! They headed to our home away from home hotel and Savannah and I will join them Wednesday afternoon after we finish up Savannah's summer activities here in Gunter.

The report is in and Bruce had a great first day. His new computer arrived just in time and I think he visited Mitchell this afternoon to get all the software installed. He has gone MAC so...he's got some learnin' to do.

Tucker stayed with Jo and Poppy during the day...and from what I hear visited the post office, library, walmart and the park. No doubt he will keep things hopping around there.

Savannah and I made a trip to town to pick up a few things and grabbed some lunch at her favorite place...Panda Express. We scooted home and while I was working this afternoon she found it completely interesting to count the dry rice in one of our clear canisters....hmmm....not sure what is up with that.

So we are settled in for the night and Savannah has decided we are going to start a PPV movie...Paul Blart..Mall Cop. I hear it is hysterical.

Day one...over and out!


Kathy said...

How far is Sulpher Springs from where you're currently (as of tonight) living? We'll keep praying. Thanks for the update, Gina.

Gina Stinson said...

Thanks for the prayers Kathy! We are just 90 minutes from SS. Not too bad! I'm thinking I should get some books on CD to make the drive each week!

Kathy said...

Great idea. Fun books we've checked out for kids are the Moffatts, also Henry Huggins, mmmm, what else was there...oh, hop on to Vision Forum's website if you haven't already and check out Jonathan Park Creation Science Adventure Series. Around our house, they're worth their weight in gold!