Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Survival Tip #1

1. Sonic Drinks/Slushes

Late yesterday Bruce and Tucker took off for Sulphur Springs and Savannah and I snuggled in for a girl's night. We watched a movie, some HGTV (yes, I am starting her early) and ate snacks.

This afternoon, I could tell she was getting restless, needing to get out of the house, so I suggested a quick trip to Sonic during Happy Hour. We slipped on our flip flops and walked to the car. When I turned the car on it said it was 111 degrees inside the car!!! WOW...that's hot!...not to mention I have a heat burn from the scourching leather seats.

Anyway, we made the long drive to Sonic (1/4 mile) and the air was barely cooling the car off before our drinks arrived. slush and me- strawberry cream slush. MMM! Great way to cool off during a hot day!

I love me some SONIC drinks. What's your favorite summer beverage?
You can check out Sonic's Website for a free Route 44 upgrade with any combo.


Kathy said...

It's iced coffee with French Vanilla Creamer. Don't tell anyone, but even though it's 100+hot degrees here in Phoenix I STILL like to drink a piping hot French Vanilla Cafe (GFoods Brand only) in the afternoons. Crazy I know!

Red Writing said...

That is funny, Kathy! I have been wanting to drink coffee (and have been) but I feel weird about it. And I sweat a little...

From sonic it is always a Dr. Pepper for me.

Scarlet said...

I'm a true Southern girl and like me some sweet tea from Sonic!!!! With lots of ice and of course it has to be a Route 44!!!!