Monday, June 29, 2009

Teeter Totter Faith

If you are anything like me, waiting on God to answer a specific prayer is one of the hardest struggles in your spiritual life. I feel like the last three months have been a constant teeter totter of faith vs. impatience. In April, when Bruce and I were certain that God was leading us to take some sort of sabbatical from full-time ministry, I was nervous and secure all at the same time. In 16 years of marriage there has never been a time that we were not consumed (in a good way) with a church family. I wondered how this was all going to play out. How long would God tell us to wait? How long could we endure it?

I realized it wouldn't be long about 4 weeks ago when I saw Bruce face light up after he led a little boy in our community to the Lord one night. The family called, and Bruce sprang into action. It was like he had never missed a beat. So when his pastor from childhood called and offered a part-time position to Bruce, I was pretty sure it was a done deal. But I was wrong. Bruce and I spent time in prayer and weighed the pros the cons and the finances. There was no way we could afford a mortgage and rent in a new town...especially with only a part-time job. Yet, somewhere in the middle of all the human rationalization, God was saying..."Go".

So we said "Yes". We figured if we tried to obey, God would do His part and provide. The next day we were given a check for $ God was telling us..."watch me...I can do more!". So, after the call was made, we continued to pray. Two days later the offer turned into a full-time job offer. With retirement.

No...our house hasn't sold...but can you understand why I am not worried about it? God's got that under control. During the last 2-3 months our circumstances have been awkward, lonely and sometimes a little discouraging, yet God has been right here with us. Carrying the burdens, refreshing our spirits and encouraging us to stick with this hunt for His Will.

So...for those of you still reading (bless you)...Bruce will be an associate pastor involved in outreach, discipleship, teaching and assimilation. Please pray this transition is smooth for the church and for Bruce.

A few prayer requests:

1. Sell of our house here.

2. Transition for us all to be smooth.

4. God would be glorified and honored in all of this!

A few praises:

1. There's a huge homeschool community there for us to be involved in.

2. My kids enjoy staying at hotels...which might be our home away from home for awhile.

For those of you who have prayed for us....thank you. This has been a 12 week journey..I don't know how well we did, but I am thankful for all I have learned and praise the greatest Teacher of all.


gina m said...

Praise God! We've been praying that God would reveal Himself and His plan to you.

We'll continue to pray as you move toward the adjustment.

Where will you be?

Gina Stinson said...

The kids and I will be with Bruce as much as we can be. Back and forth some until the garden is finished for Mission Gunter and summer activities that Savannah has started are finished.

Thanks so much for the prayers. God's peace has been very real.

Gina Stinson said... dawned on me that you might be wondering what city we were going to be in....Sulphur Springs, in case that was the question!

Kathy said...

Gina, enjoy the peace of knowing our Amazing God has everything in total order. How deeply He loves you and Bruce and family, and will provide for you. What a great testimony, and a well-worded update. Blessings-Kathy

Married with Children..... said...

congrats all the way around! I am happy for your family and the opportunities you have ahead! You are right in the midst of some great work for our God!!!
I am thankful for you all on so many levels!!!! And thanks for the words and direction for the boy;-)

Valerie Chamberlain said...

Gina, that's great news!! Love and blessings to all of you!