Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughts on Community

With the diveristy of the United States one would think that Americans would have figured a way to live in community with each other. Instead I find myself continuously bewildered and a little disappointed that there are still ghettos, chinatowns, the other side of the tracks, white trash and other politically incorrect words and phrases that certainly pronounce the differences in our skin color and our ethnicity.

This Saturday night The Mission Gunter is hosting Mmm (Monthy Mission Meals) We have had a generous donor contribute the funds for a delicious meal to feed between 300-500 people. The goal of this meal is to build a spirit of community in our town and to continue to foster relationships with our and yellow, black or white. As a white female, I have asked myself what does it mean to live in community? I think for myself it means that I look past someone's skin color, financial status, car, house, and clothes, and wonder what can I learn from them and what do I know that I could offer them? It's understanding that someone more wealthy than I can teach me a thing or two, and so can the person living on welfare. For some reason along the way we have lost touch with the value of a person....regardless of where they live, how much they own and where their kids are going to college.

I want my kids to grow up around many cultures, to have an appreciation for the person and to learn from the strengths, gifts and talents from others. To isolate them in circles of only middle class white children robs them of the experiences different cultures can bring. Just think how great it would be if my 3 year old could speak a few words of Spanish because he played with a couple of hispanic boys, or if Savannah learned to do a litergical dance from an african american girl she knew...or if I learned to make Mexican food from a willing hispanic grandmother.

In the process of Mmm The Mission desires to demonstrate to each Gunter resident the great love of God. Some of that will be done through our actions (service) and some of it will be demonstrated by participating in conversation and fellowship. I'm looking forward to it! I hope to see tables full of colored, yellow, black and white. What a blessing that would be.

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Kathy said...

Gina, move to Phoenix! I'm telling you our gathering at our church is so multi-cultural and mixed in so many ways. I really love your post. I think you're asking questions many simply will not ask. We say we want diversity, but we often are not willing to live with or take any responsibility for the fallout, for lack of a better word. May the Father bless you and increase and expand your vision and your sphere of influence.-In Him, Kathy